Green Goes Cannabis Company - A dispensary for all your needs.
2500 S Agnew Ave, Ste 200, Oklahoma City, OK 73108 
(405) 636-8282

About us

Every day, as we open Green Goes for business, we recommit to our simple mission: To provide the highest quality products at value prices with extraordinary customer service. I say “simple” because it really is a basic philosophy that guarantees our friends in South Oklahoma City a great experience.

I am a lifelong Southside girl. I was born and raised in South OKC, graduated from Capitol Hill High School, raised a family with my husband Ben on the Southside and am now the proud grandmother of a baby girl who lives on the Southside. I knew when we were planning Green Goes that it had to be in South Oklahoma City. What I got was a double-blessing, though: We were able to find a great location in the Stockyards area. You see, Stockyards (or, as we knew it as kids, “Packin’ Town,” was a big part of my childhood. My grandparents, Mom and Grandad, lived in the area and we took hundreds of walks to wander in the stores on Exchange and along Agnew. Eating grilled cheese sandwiches at Nelson Drug remains a true highlight of my childhood.

I guess it was the simpler time, a time when neighbors sat together on the porch way into the evening, shared homegrown tomatoes, made jellies together, that really informed my way of doing business. We’re here to make sure our customers become our friends. We don’t want to get them in and get them out. We want to understand their particular needs, to share pictures of our kids and grandkids, and, in general, make life just a little better for every person who comes into Green Goes.

My life has been filled with blessings: Loving parents who taught me and my brothers some of life’s most important lessons about respect and treating people right, a terrific husband, healthy children, and so much more. And now I can add Green Goes to that list of blessings. I am so grateful to be able to serve my Southside friends, to reconnect with old friends, and to make sure every new customer becomes a friend. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

At your service, Lisa Hamilton-Dommert

Our team

Lisa Hamilton Dommert


Lisa hails from Oklahoma City and has been in the cannabis industry for years.